About Us

At Punishment Tees, we love Puns.
We believe that the right wordplay can have a punitive quality on friends and strangers alike.
For those sadistic enough to wear our cringe-worthy shirts…

Punishment Tees was founded in 2017 by two fellows who wanted to spread large amounts of puns with complete impunity – Dennis Perrin and Aurelien Bonnotte.

Their mission was firmly established in creating a clothing line that would be loved by a clever few, and cause headaches for the masses.

(here is an article by The Atlantic explaining theories on why puns make people groan)

It was not long after the seed was planted in their minds that the duo became rooted in seeing their project branch out.

As the vision has grown, so has the team of designers, and we are very happy to boast a group of artists that add very unique perspectives to our creative process.

If you are interested in designing for Punishment Tees, please contact us for more information.